+ What performance does Dynamic PLC offer?
Dynamic PLC offers real time meter communication (2 seconds) over the existing power lines at a distance of up to 2Km in any environments (industrial, commercial and residential), with low cost implementation.

+ Are the Meters protected against tamper?
All Powercom Meters alert against tampering, such as cover open, reverse connection, etc.

+ Can I repeat signals with Dynamic PLC?
Any electricity meter can be assigned as a repeater.  It is possible to communicate with a meter at a distance of up to 6km from the Concentrator.

+ Can Powercom control the meters?
An internal relay allows connect/disconnect of the customer. The meter can also limit the amount of water or electricity supplied to the customer in case of non-payment.

+ Can Powercom Solution detect line losses?
Both in water and electricity the system detects and reports on line losses in real time.

+ Do the Meters and Concentrators store information?
Each meters stores the last 3 months readings. Each Concentrator stores the last 3 months readings of all Meters within its network. The system offers full redundancy at all system levels.

+ Does Powercom offer a full system solution? Does it include meters, communication and server software?
Powercom supplies a total solution for customers including development, production, installation & operation. The solution includes all system components under a one stop shop solution.

+ Does Powercom offer just Power Line communication?
Powercom offers high level of integration, using most updated communications methods such as PLC , GPRS & RF (RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other RF) technologies.

+ Does Powercom offer load forecasting?
PowerCom has a full AMM (Advanced Meter Management) system, capable of offering forecasting software based on self-learning analysis.

+ Does Powercom offer load management control options?
When a critical power shortage is detected, it is possible to disconnect any customer consuming in excess than the allowed power.

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