Uganda success story
14 March 2017
Uganda success story
Improving significantly the conditions of living of thousands of people in Uganda and grow the profits of our customer.

PowerCom Success Story - Uganda

PETACH-TIKVA, Israel, March 14, 2017

PowerCom Ltd. (“PowerCom”) has installed smart prepayment meters with Uganda Electricity District Company Limited (UEDCL)


UEDCL is one of the successors of the Uganda electricity board and the owner of the electricity distribution network up to 33KV, servicing approximately 240 000 customers. The company has implement PowerCom’s Smart Metering Solution together with smart prepayment meters (PCR421 single phase, PCR423 three phase and CT meters), Power-Line Communication (PLC) concentrators and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).


Among the main features of the solution, there are a full end-to-end turnkey, advanced pre-payment system, based on smart grid technology to address all the challenges confronting utilities today.  The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a state of the art solution comprising of smart prepayment meters, keypads, bi-directional communications, vending system, and comprehensive Meter Data Management (MDM) centralized office software, including a customer portal. The solution provides real-time monitoring and control, reliably, and efficiently of the entire metering system, with the ability to perform remotely updatable advanced tariff structures.


PowerCom has also provided UEDCL with a highly reliable Dynamic PLC which allows meters to communicate with a Concentrator achieving real two-way communications with 99+% reliability at a distance of up to 2-klm over electricity wires, within 2-3 seconds, in any environment (industrial, commercial and residential). The solution is scalable to support millions of meter end-points.


The AMI is a platform supporting a comprehensive suite of applications, such as Smart Prepayment and Vending. Comprehensive point of sale token vending platform supporting a wide range of payment options like mobile money, scratch-cards, internet, and point of sale mobile terminals. Offering integration with existing meters and vending providers, as well as enhanced STS security methodology.


In addition the vending solution allows flexible vending channels and ability to disconnect meters. The system collects data to generate bills and allows consumers to prepay electricity with their mobile phones using mobile money. Customer also have a keypad for entering prepayment tokens and viewing consumption and tariff information.


The AMI incorporates vast knowledge and experience - accumulated during many years of development and implementation of smart metering solutions, successfully serving many customers worldwide.


Advanced multi-layer, anti-fraud protection system provides real time tampering prevention and loss analysis on the meter level and on the grid level. The system delivers full transparency of losses in the grid no matter where they are generated. Experience shows that the system provides a dramatic reduction in lost revenues and boost to revenue collection.


PowerCom is proud to have contributed to the development of critical infrastructure in Uganda, involving the transfer of knowledge and development of technical skills, towards increased control and protection to critical national electricity infrastructure and improvement of collection of money for the energy delivered using state of the art technology.


Quote from the customer

PowerCom system has several interfaces, whereby the MDM empowers the system administrators and users to configure meters, DCUs, customers and provide intelligent meter and customer management including data reading, loss monitoring, and energy usage management, among other functions.

In relation to the above, UEDCL is satisfied with the performance of the PowerCom system and the system provides much more than what is listed above. UEDCL continues expanding on the system, using PowerCom products.


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