Smart Home
The APM DIN Rail units are used as appliance (load) control devices. The units are a part of Powercom AMI solution, allowing the Utilities or the customers to control the major appliances at the customer premises (as Geyser, swimming pool pump, etc.). The units are activated by the master AMI system (through the "Smart Meter" or by serial control interface). The APM units include internal relay (16A-60A), serial communication interface (RS485) and Radio Frequency. The APM unit includes metering capability offering information as Energy consumption, Voltage, Current, PF. Real time clock (RTC) enables scheduled connect/disconnect functionality. The APM is perfect for use in "Smart Home Applications" and Industrial control applications.
The Tivbo is a low cost smart In-Home Display device which presents consumers’ real-time utilities consumption information on their home TV. With this real-time information feedback mechanism consumers are more engaged in energy efficiency issues and may react to this information by adapting discretionary demand so that peak load consumption and overall consumption is reduced. The device also supports an optional keypad for entering pre-payment tokens. The unit is a plug-and-play device connecting to the TV via video-In or HDMI, and receives consumption information from the PowerCom smart meters and Appliance Monitoring & Control devices (APM & APC) via Power Line Communication (PLC) or Radio Frequency (RF).
Display unit to monitor and control energy use (Electricity, Water, Gas, Heating, and Appliances). The unit offers smart home applications connecting sensors (Breaking, Smoke, Fire, and Emergency). The unit consist RF communication and allows mobility within the house. All readings are monitored and
Acting as a “Mini” smart meter for home appliances, the APC unit is plugged in between the wall outlet and the home appliance. With an internal relay to remotely connect/disconnect, as well as remote communications, the unit sends consumption information and received commands by radio frequency to the In House Display unit or the Meter Data Management software through the Smart Meter.
The RF Dongle connects to the consumers PC via the USB port and enables the PC to act as a low cost smart In-Home Display device for presenting consumers’ real-time utilities consumption information and the scheduling of individual appliances. The unit contains an in-built RF transmitter and is a plug-and-play device.
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