In Home Displays
In House Display Unit-CIU (IHD7RF) In House Display Unit-CIU (IHD7RF) Display unit to monitor and control energy use (Electricity, Water, Gas, Heating, and Appliances). The unit offers smart home applications connecting sensors (Breaking, Smoke, Fire, and Emergency). The unit consist RF communication and allows mobility within the house. All readings are monitored and stored within the unit, allowing the customer to get report on the historical and current consumption profiles. The unit allows the utility company to send customer with useful information or messages. The display stores all tariff tables and calculates cost per hour and customer spending. This smart home unit provides an excellent tool to achieve energy saving and shift demand response for the residential sector.
The KY123 is a Consumer Interface Unit (CIU), and is an integrated part of the PowerCom AMI "Smart Grid" solution. The unit is located in the consumer’s premises and communicates with the consumer’s meter. It enables the input of STS prepayment tokens for crediting the meter, and is capable of presenting a range of consumption data to the consumer for energy efficiency purposes. The unit incorporates a keypad with audible feedback, an LCD, and a number of communication alternatives with the meter, such as Power Line Communication (PLC) or two-wire interface (DCPLC).
The Tivbo is a low cost smart In-Home Display device which presents consumers’ real-time utilities consumption information on their home TV. With this real-time information feedback mechanism consumers are more engaged in energy efficiency issues and may react to this information by adapting discretionary demand so that peak load consumption and overall consumption is reduced. The device also supports an optional keypad for entering pre-payment tokens. The unit is a plug-and-play device connecting to the TV via video-In or HDMI, and receives consumption information from the PowerCom smart meters and Appliance Monitoring & Control devices (APM & APC) via Power Line Communication (PLC) or Radio Frequency (RF).
The RF Dongle connects to the consumers PC via the USB port and enables the PC to act as a low cost smart In-Home Display device for presenting consumers’ real-time utilities consumption information and the scheduling of individual appliances. The unit contains an in-built RF transmitter and is a plug-and-play device.
The consumer has access to consumption and cost data (in user selected intervals) via the online customer portal. The system can be configured by the consumer to send automatic email notifications, triggered when user specified events occur. It can be used to verify usage charges as well as provide analysis to justify energy savings projects. Automatic messages can also be sent to groups of consumer (SMS/Email; the meters’ display, internet portal, in-home display).
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