The KY123 is a Consumer Interface Unit (CIU), and is an integrated part of the PowerCom AMI "Smart Grid" solution. The unit is located in the consumer’s premises and communicates with the consumer’s meter. It enables the input of STS prepayment tokens for crediting the meter, and is capable of presenting a range of consumption data to the consumer for energy efficiency purposes. The unit incorporates a keypad with audible feedback, an LCD, and a number of communication alternatives with the meter, such as Power Line Communication (PLC) or two-wire interface (DCPLC).

The keypad is a smart customer interface unit (CIU) located in the customer's premises for communicating with the meter. It displays the customer a range of information such as total consumption, monthly consumption, and current consumption for energy efficiency. Consumption costs in local currency value can also be displayed.  The customer can also initiate communication back to the meter, most commonly for entering STS prepayment tokens to credit the meter.  The unit can communicate with the meters via Radio Frequency module (RF), Power Line Communication (PLC) or RS485 (Mode Bus).


Multi-utility Option to communicate with electricity, water and gas meters
Pairing restricted to authorized devices Highly secure
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