TV Unit In Home Display (Tivbo)
TV Unit In Home Display (Tivbo)
The Tivbo is a low cost smart In-Home Display device which presents consumers’ real-time utilities consumption information on their home TV. With this real-time information feedback mechanism consumers are more engaged in energy efficiency issues and may react to this information by adapting discretionary demand so that peak load consumption and overall consumption is reduced. The device also supports an optional keypad for entering pre-payment tokens. The unit is a plug-and-play device connecting to the TV via video-In or HDMI, and receives consumption information from the PowerCom smart meters and Appliance Monitoring & Control devices (APM & APC) via Power Line Communication (PLC) or Radio Frequency (RF).


Features Benefits
Based on a low cost design utilizing standardized electronics. Cost effective solution
Communicates directly with the smart meters and appliance monitoring and control devices  Real-time visibility of actual consumption for the household and each individual appliance
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Ease of use
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