Automatic Data Collection
Validating, reporting, controlling and archiving all meter data, the system is scalable to handle mass volumes of subscribers. The MDM system handles scheduled collection and controls all data from meters and concentrators.


The report module enables implementation of various reports and analytics required by the utility.   Reports and values may be exported in many formats and graphic displays. It provides measurement results according to various levels - individual customers; substations; grouped areas; etc.   It enables aggregation of individual meter/customer measurements, virtual meters reports display, and export of this data in different file types for billing, and analysis.

An essential task of the MDM is automatic provision of measurement results to a 3rd party billing software thereby accelerating the issuing of invoices and reducing the collection period.  The complete data for monthly billing calculations is transferred to the billing software one hour after the end of the month, ready for sending bills on the 1st day of the month. Error free information accuracy is assured by data validation and verification modules.  The system imports interval data, waveforms, PQ events and more, from multiple utility devices (electricity, water and gas) and 3rd party meter vendors. Data is synchronized with industry-standard SQL Server and Oracle databases allowing data exchange through API with other information systems. The systems links each meter to a property and tenant for billing purposes.   Automatic calculations on meter interval data are available to produce correct consumer bills for electricity as well as water and gas meters.  This includes support for applying variable tariffs such as Time-Of-Usage (TOU), and Step Tariff.

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