Smart Prepayment Meter
Smart Prepayment Meter
PowerCom’s smart prepayment solution allows operators to control essential elements remotely such as the ability to: (i) credit a meter; (ii) switch between credit and pre-payment; (iii) send immediate online tariff changes; (iv) provide emergency credit; (v) connect/disconnect, trickle flow, friendly credit or load limiting when credit runs out; and (vi) send automatic SMS/Email verifying successful loading of credit and pre-notification of disconnections. In deployments where reliable GPRS communication exists, there is no need for the keypad to credit the meter. The system also offers basic customer invoicing and payment reconciliations reports, as well as incorporates an STS code generator for producing the pre-paid token numbers. A customer portal is available where each customer enters their unique username and password to access their consumption history in graphs according to user selected intervals. The system can be expanded to include smart home applications, and load management systems.


Features Benefits
Two-way communications – PLC or GPRS Reliable and low-cost. Modify configuration values remotely
Remote disconnection  Avoid conflict with customers
Remote loading of credit Avoid costs of vending and keypad
Automatic alerts SMS/Email to system operators and customer warning of important events
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