Gas Meters
PowerCom has developed a module for retrofitting inside existing gas meters. It is designed for counting pulses, wirelessly transmitting data and remotely closing the valve to disconnect supply. It is allows the flexibility of upgrading existing gas meters into the most advanced smart gas meter system. The upgrade unit combines state-of-the-art communications, internal batteries, all integrated and sealed in a single housing. The meter hosts either long-range two-way fixed network unlicensed RF or GPRS communications. The upgrade module can be retrofitted into any existing standard gas meter.
PowerCom’s smart gas prepayment meter integrates smart gas metering, and prepayment in a single unit. The meter is recharged via a STS compliant 20-digit numeric token that is generated by any STS compliant vending systems.
PowerCom offers a smart gas meter solution, featuring advanced smart metering technology, combining integrated internal valve, state-of-the-art bi-directional fixed-network communications and LCD, all integrated and sealed in a single housing entity.
The PowerCom Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter comply to MID-2004/22/EC, with replaceable RF/GRPS communication module and internal shutoff valve. These Smart Meters can operate in the prepayment/credit mode allowing automatic money charging. The interval valve can connect/disconnect the customers upon a command from the central office software or in cases where the credit has been consumed. These Smart Gas Meters are a part of Powercom’s full Smart Grid Solution.
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