Personal Energy Management
Personal Energy Management
PowerCom’s smart home devices are the smart new way to manage utility consumption in the home. The smart meters, in-home-displays (IHDs), and appliance meters provides greater visibility and control in an easy to use interface; which can contribute to lowering utility bills and smoothing peak demand.

The low cost in-home displays provide real-time current consumption data (including historical) of total household as well as individual appliances in kw/h and hourly cost. They also allow customers to schedule the operation of the attached appliances.   If pre-payment meters are installed, the In-Home Displays have the capability to allow the customers to enter their pre-payment tokens. 

The in-home display units communicate to the Appliance Monitoring & Control Devices inside the house (via RF or PLC).  When regulations permit, utilities can remotely limit the use of auxiliary customer equipment during peak energy periods (air conditioning, water heater, under-floor heating, swimming pool pump, etc.).

With the availability of home-based technology utilities can more cost?effectively communicate with their customers, and provide more efficient handling of customer queries relating to bills and consumption.  By showing energy consumption and cost of operating individual appliances in real-time consumers may shift some consumption away from peak periods. 

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