Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Meter Data Management (MDM)

Meter Data Management (MDM)

Powercom’s Meter Data Management System simplifies the management, control, monitoring, and integration of smart metering and smart grid applications for a successful smart grid project.

Our MDM software solution enables utilities worldwide to collect, control, and automate Smart Grid functionality for electricity, water, and gas utilities.

With a multi-channel, multi-protocol, and multi-lingual system, our MDM provides robust database centers and state-of-the-art telecommunication network interfaces. It facilitates high-speed data collection for large-scale smart meter deployments and supports integration of smart meters from various vendors with full authorization control.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Data Collection: Scalable system for storing, validating, and archiving meter data.
  • Loss analysis and detection: Algorithms continuously monitor the network for abnormal consumption patterns and identify potential losses, such as theft or line loss over the electricity infrastructure. The system generates automatic alerts and notifications, enabling utilities to take proactive measures in real time.
  • Remote Meter Management: Parameter management within smart end points, including complex tariff structure and maximum demand settings.
  • Smart Grid Management: Forecasting, load management, customer portal remote access, outage identification, and load profiling.
  • Administration of Server Database: System validation, reporting, control, and archiving.
  • Real-Time Command & Control: Internet/intranet-based application for secure control from any computer, enabling faster responses to customer service requests, remote disconnection, and firmware upgrades.
  • Exception Management and Workflow: Continuous monitoring of network for abnormal consumption behavior, with customizable alert notifications for outages, tampering attempts, theft detection, line loss, low meter battery, etc.
  • Automation of Tasks: Automatic task lists, alert notifications, and a basic billing module.
  • Advanced Billing Data: Automatic provision of measurement results to third-party billing software for efficient invoice issuance, reduced collection periods, and accurate information.
  • MDM Features: Measurements, events, alarms, VEE, settings, gesture management, tariff management and billing, customer portal, net-metering, reporting, network management system (NMS), and exception management.