Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Outage Management System (OMS)

Outage Management System (OMS)

Electricity outages can have significant consequences for utility companies, including revenue loss, decreased customer satisfaction, and compliance challenges. To address these issues and effectively manage outages, Powercom has developed a comprehensive and cost-effective Outage Management Solution (OMS).

How it works:

The OMS analyzes load profile channels prior to an outage, providing real-time insights into the probable cause, such as phase loss, overload, or frequency drop. This enables quick detection and identification of potential power outage events, including transformers, feeders, and substations.

Our system automatically identifies equipment and customers affected by outages, monitors service levels during outages, and provides reports to relevant stakeholders on the restoration process. It delivers accurate information on network behavior in near real-time, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming network analysis, predictions, and field validation.

Using the OMS, dispatchers can easily view network behavior in near real-time and validate outages by pinging smart meters, identifying the cause without the need for on-site visits.


  • Utilizes the internal battery and remote communications of smart meters and DCUs to receive “last gasp” outage alerts during power outages.
  • Monitors, analyzes, and utilizes data related to power outages, ensuring constant power supply to customers.
  • Generates intuitive reporting with outage information presented visually in chart format.
  • Notifies relevant teams responsible for different types of outages through SMS, email, or mobile application and can inform customers about planned outages.
  • Interfaces with Meter Data Management (MDM) to access relevant AMI meter data for fault location identification and other required services.
  • Supports integration with other smart grid functionalities like Distribution Transformer Health Monitoring systems, self-healing systems, electric vehicles, and more as implemented by the utility.

With Powercom’s OMS, utility companies can effectively monitor and manage outages, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize their network operations.