Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Project deployment

Project deployment

Analysis, Solution, Design

At Powercom, we employ a comprehensive methodology that simplifies project deployment, ensuring the delivery of superior and customized Integrated Smart Metering solutions for utilities. From initial analysis to final deployment and beyond, Powercom supports the entire project on a turnkey basis.

Our project management services cover all aspects of the deployment process. We assist in preparing a project master plan, guaranteeing the performance and timely delivery of the solution. This includes project plan development, risk & quality management. Our master communication plan guides network and operations planning, considering CAPEX and OPEX investments, as well as the trade-off between technology performance and security/availability requirements. Our lead architect develops the solution roadmap, managing the design and architecture of the overall network and subsystems.

We ensure end-to-end integration, testing, and validation to meet mission-critical service requirements. For complex solutions, we offer a hosted lab environment for testing and support trials on the customer’s premises. Our testing processes ensure compatibility with each utility’s specific requirements, integrating disparate multi-vendor, multi-technology systems into an effective smart grid solution.

Powercom guides the development of all necessary processes, methods, and procedures to get your end-to-end solution up and running. We handle the installation, commissioning, and field-level testing of hardware and software. This service is available for initial deployments and future scaling deployments. We assist in defining migration strategy objectives and success criteria, carefully managing all activities and inter-dependencies to ensure zero disruption to the utility’s supply to customers.

Furthermore, Powercom offers full support for operations and maintenance through cost-effective outsourcing agreements. These agreements cover various aspects of the smart metering solution, including managed field operations, multi-vendor maintenance, managed network operations, and managed security. By taking full responsibility for the smart grid system, we generate OPEX savings for the utility operator.

With Powercom’s seamless project deployment, utilities can confidently implement and maintain their smart grid solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient operations while achieving cost savings and customer satisfaction.