Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Revenue Protection and Loss Analysis

Revenue Protection and Loss Analysis

Use Smart Grid to Safeguard Revenue Streams

Utilities substantially reduce tariff collection losses by automatically identifying meter or grid tampering. Powercom’s hardware and software continuously monitors and calculates energy losses, looking for changes in power consumption behavior of users which show an un-normative consumption profile.

By installing a master meter at the output of the LV transformer, Powercom can measure the total power consumption of the root. All the meters under the same root report total consumption. This line loss analysis enables the system operator to identify tampering within each network root.

Alert notifications are automatically programmed into the system to send an SMS or email to the system operators providing real time notification of losses for rapid response.

By calculating the line loss, the distributor may pay the supplier only for the real consumption.

Tamper Detection:

The Electricity Meters alert the operator in the following tamper attempts:

  • Bypassing meter
  • Bypassing neutral Inter-changing incoming and outgoing leads
  • Reversing the connections in one or two phases of 3 phase meters
  • Inter-changing phase and neutral and providing a local earth to act as neutral
  • Breaking of CT lead wires in one or two phases
  • Breaking seals and tampering with the recording mechanism, resetting the reading, etc.
  • Tapping off from the service main before the meter
  • Tapping off from the incoming lead wire Transformer
  • Theft Detection